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Family Pride Portraits: A big thanks to David from Canon :)

The recent photo shoot with David from Canon celebrated our diverse rainbow community at the recent Family Pride Day in May. What a great looking bunch we are! 

David's free family portrait session provided an opportunity for our rainbow families to create some beautiful memories. It was a welcome gesture for the families who participated because as we know, with the best of intentions, getting family portraits done is often something we put on the back burner or we just make do with the pics we take on our phones that are ok, but not great - then blink, our kids are 24, moved out, moved on and we don't have anything special to look back on. Well, fear not, if you had your portrait taken with David, you will no doubt be thrilled with the results.

Here's a few from the day and you've probably already started receiving your photos via email - if not, standby, they're not far away.

Here's David's LinkedIn account if anyone is keen to get some more pics done at home.

Also a massive thanks to Canon. And if you missed it before, here's a link to Family Pride Day wrap up from May.




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