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This is a wonderfully, well informed resource put together by Amnesty International. It is a downloadable and covers subjects like LGBTQIA+ descriptors, acronyms, pronouns, respect, romantic orientation, discrimination, bias, intersectionality, human rights, activism and a lot more!

This would be a great starting point for anyone who wants to know how to better support a loved one, friend, workmate or just be a better, kinder human being! And we should all be aspiring to that. 

Click here to download your resources and share with anyone you think might benefit from it, including workplaces, sporting clubs, schools, gyms or anywhere people gather.



"Pride is a rebellion of authenticity - to

stand unapologetically as the people we

are, and as the community we make. To

feel joy in the lives we lead and share

them with the people we love - and who

love us." -Amnesty Int.

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