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Early Childhood Education and Care Services Family Diversity Training

Supporting Early Childhood Education and Care Services and Educators, by Nurturing Inclusion

Welcome to Rainbow Families' Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) program, where we're dedicated to nurturing inclusivity, respect, and equality in early learning environments. Our mission is deeply ingrained in ensuring that every child's family is accepted, celebrated, and respected. Unfortunately, children from diverse families, including those with LGBTQ+ parents, often face increased discrimination and disadvantages due to their family structure.

 Our Purpose

At Rainbow Families, we firmly believe that by partnering with Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Educators who engage with children aged from birth to eight years old, we can create positive change. Through collaboration, we strive to integrate family diversity education within early learning services and practices. This partnership empowers educators to confidently educate all children about the beauty and uniqueness of every family. By initiating this dialogue early, we lay the foundation for a future where children of LGBTQ+ parents experience reduced discrimination and disadvantage as they grow.

Empowering Educators with Free Online Training

Rainbow Families is excited to join forces with Early Childhood Australia (ECA), a leading advocacy organization that champions the interests of young children, their families, and those in the early childhood field. Together, we've designed a ground-breaking online training course available through the Early Childhood Australia Learning Hub. Best of all, this course is accessible to all professional educators across the country, at no cost.


Through this comprehensive course, educators will explore the diversity of families, specifically those with LGBTQ+ parents. They will gain the knowledge and skills needed to create tailored learning experiences for children aged from birth to eight years old. Our goal is to encourage understanding and acceptance of family diversity within an educational context.

Rainbow Families Inservice Training, Bridging Theory and Practice

At Rainbow Families, we're committed to supporting Services and Educators on their journey to embed family diversity education into their program and practices. To bridge the gap between theory and practice, we're excited to introduce in-service training for professional educators. This group workshop is designed to empower educators to confidently bring family diversity education to life.

Our comprehensive in-service training program can be provided to services both in-person or online. It equips Directors, Teachers and Educators with practical strategies to effectively navigate challenges and create affirming classroom environments. By nurturing their understanding of Family Diversity, and supporting them to put their new knowledge into practice within their service, fewer children from diverse families will experience discrimaintion and disadvantage.

Join Us and Register Your Interest

We invite services to express interest in sceduling a Rainbow Families Inservice Training Workshop by completing the form provided below. Let's work together to create an inclusive environment where every family is celebrated, and every child is valued for who they are :)


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