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Who Are We?

The Rainbow Families Story - Shining More Proudly Than Ever

Rainbow Families emerged as a grassroots group formed by like-minded lesbian mums and gay dads who were seeking a supportive community beyond conventional parenting networks. This close-knit group envisioned a space where they could freely express themselves and find comfort and support among others who identified as same sex parents.

Both these groups wanted to better support the LGBTQ+ community as a whole, and it became clear that the best way forward was to band together. In 2016, the committee incorporated and Rainbow Families was conceived in NSW.
(You can find our constitution here).

During that time and as the need emerged, Rainbow Families threw open their doors wider to transgender and other LGBTQ+ families, so everyone who needed parenting support could find it in a warm and welcoming place.

 The Idea Was Conceived and Rainbow Families Was Born

Rainbow Families Inc is the peak organisation supporting LGBTQ+ parents and their children. As a charity, registered with the ACNC, Rainbow Families works to reduce discrimination and disadvantage faced by children of LGBTQ+ parents so they can thrive and shine and is a support network for parents and carers, as well as future parents and carers. 

Rainbow Families Inc has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status from the Australian Tax Office which means that donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. This will help us grow our funding base so we can provide more support to Rainbow Families.

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Our Purpose:

"The purpose of Rainbow Families is to build a community that fosters resiliency by connecting, supporting and empowering LGBTQ+ parents and their children."


Rainbow Families are Thriving

Of course, LGBTQ+ people have been creating their own families for ages, but in recent years there has been a surge in opportunities available to us to start our own families in the ways that best suit the needs of the intended parents. Some of this has been due to increased access to clinics, changes in adoption laws, increased opportunities around fostering, and having more parent role models in our community.

There have been many LGBTQ+ parenting social groups and online support groups, but despite the growth in our community, NSW had lacked a strong peak, professional community organisation before Rainbow Families was formed.


What makes a Rainbow Family?

A Rainbow Family is a same-sex or LGBTQ+ parented family. At Rainbow Families, we define a Rainbow Family as any lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer person who has a child or children; or is planning on having a child or children by way of donor insemination (known or unknown), surrogacy (altruistic or commercial), foster care, fostering to adoption, adoption (domestic or international), opposite­ sex relationship, co-parenting or other means. 


    .   .  

What do we do?

  • We provide support and resources to members of the LGBTQ+ community so their families can live their best, most authentic and colourful lives.
  • We host events that connect LGBTQ+ families, particularly those that are feeling isolated because of social pressures, financial difficulty or where they live.
  • We advocate on behalf of our community and are a strong and consistent voice for LGBTQ+ families to address discrimination, raise awareness and promote acceptance.
  • We collaborate with similar organisations from other states to push for change across the nation.
  • New Rainbow Families are always welcome. Come along, say hi and connect with like-minds at one of our events or find out how you can get involved.


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We've been a Voice for Equality and We'll Continue to Stand Up Proudly for Our Community.

Some of our victories include: 

Stretching the Rainbow Right Across Australia

Over the course of nine years, what began as a modest initiative has organically transformed into a charity that can proudly reflect on its progress around inclusion, education, community building and the continued push for equality around LGBTQ+ rights.

That's why in 2024 we will begin to expand our reach right across Australia. 

We can't wait to champion more community networks and education opportunities for Rainbow Families, wherever it is they call home.

We'll also continue building a resilient, inclusive network of LGBTQ+ families who support each other and thrive in their familiy lives.

We’re very excited to keep growing and supporting our community; so here’s cheers to our future wins!