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Free Inclusive Birthing Language Poster for Midwives and Birth Workers


Rainbow Families have teamed up with Midwives Connecting Community and are excited to announce our pledge to send a free inclusive birthing language kit to all birth workers and midwives across Australia.

The kit is designed to explain language preferences and pronouns, equipping birth workers with comfortable and respectful ways to engage with LGBTQI+ parents who have different sexualities, gender and make up, around their identity.

The goal is to promote a more inclusive environment within the realm of midwifery and birth work, to ensure that non-traditional families feel at ease and accepted throughout the birth process.

By actively promoting and encouraging the use of inclusive language, workers create a warm and welcoming space for all parents.

The project is a collaboration between Midwives Connecting Community and Rainbow Families. Queer midwives Nerida Grant and Katrina Molloy co-designed the inclusive language poster which has been informed by LGBTQ+ parents they have supported, and who have expressed the need for a more inclusive approach in their health care.

Because of this, both midwives understand the challenges many diverse families face and are on a mission to make things a little easier for prospective parents and workers, alike.

"We’re proud to present this resource as an important step towards ensuring the support of LGBTQ+ families in their pregnancy and birth care journey. Our inclusive language poster is not only educational but a powerful symbol, assuring community members that the services they choose embrace inclusivity and provide a safe, judgment-free space.

“We want to ensure an atmosphere of respect and understanding, so every family can feel valued and cared for throughout this deeply personal experience,” Nerida said.

Inclusive language within the context of midwifery and birth work not only benefits families but also has a positive impact on midwives.

“We understand that many birth workers genuinely strive to be inclusive of diverse families. So, our poster aims to equip them with the right language to authentically support these families and boost their confidence in asking important questions.

“When midwives use inclusive language, they make their families feel respected and comfortable and build trust more easily. This approach allows for open and honest communication, which is crucial during the emotional and intimate process of childbirth,” Katrina said.


Please share the link to register for a free kit if you or anyone you know works in the birthing space.


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