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The Youth Council Have Been Busy in Term 4! :)

YAC and Little Rainbows Term 4 Update

Icecream and Escape Rooms!

It has been a fun start to Term Four for YAC and Little Rainbows which started with a treasure hunt and icecream themed escape room. The young people had to complete a treasure hunt to find a number of challenges which allowed them to crack a code and save the icrecream from destruction.

They managed to crack the code with a few minutes to spare and enjoyed the prize of icecream and chocolate sauce.

Halloween Disco Helpers

YAC and Little Rainbows helped out at the Halloween Disco selling snow cones, fairy floss and merchandise. It was a warm day so there was a high demand for the snow cones. The young people were such wonderful helpers and were very excited to have raised a lot of money for the YAC account.

Starring in Film

They were also involved in the filming of some content to promote YAC and Rainbow Families. Keep an eye on our socials to see the finished product soon, it's looking amazing! 

Hit Me With Some Teppanyaki in Newton!

Possibly the most fun we have had this year at YAC was when we went to Teppanyaki in Newtown. The chef put on a real show for us and there was so much laughing that we left with sore cheeks at the end. The highlight was watching the young people try to catch their food in a bowl. Some much more successful than others (sorry parents for the stained clothes).

Coco Movie Night

Most recently we had a movie night, after much discussion and debate about what movie to watch we settled on the animation Coco. Of course, there was ample snacks, popcorn and icecream. We enjoyed an intermission for our standard pizza dinner and a quick play in the park.

Join us for more fun activities - new faces always welcome. We promise you you'll feel at home!

There’s still a few more sessions left for the term including a dessert decorating contest, a newspaper fashion challenge and an escape room for the older YAC. For more information or to join the YAC please email me at [email protected]

Geoffrey Parry-Ewing

Youth Council Coordinator

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