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Find out what's been happening with YACS and Little Rainbows this month :)

YAC and Little Rainbows Report by YACS Coordinator Geoffrey Parry-Ewing

Term 3

During Term 3, YAC and Little Rainbows were involved in a number of fun workshops and activities. We started the term with a workshop by the Black Dog Institute, this was the final of three activities which they had hosted. These were creative workshops where the young people created collages, clay sculptures and paintings representing their families. These workshops were part of a study the Black Dog Institute is undertaking which explores what it is like growing up in a rainbow family.

Graphic artist and illustrator Aley Wild joined YAC and Little Rainbows for an art workshop this term. We designed and painted a bright and colourful backdrop which we are going to use for some promotional material in the near future. Following the art workshop we had an impromptu photo shoot. Keep an eye out for our video coming out soon! 

To round out the term Little Rainbows enjoyed a pottery workshop hosted by Annie from Gay Clay. Annie taught us how to manipulate the clay to make mugs. We all ended up with different shaped mugs. Once the shape of the mugs was completed we had to paint the mugs using a variety of bright colours. We can wait to see how they turn out!

School Holiday Hang

During the holidays a bunch of the young people from Little Rainbows and YAC tried out the new bouldering centre, BlocHaus at Marrickville. We met up for lunch beforehand to catch up and chat about the first week of school holidays before walking to BlocHaus. In the beginning we found the bouldering to be quite challenging but as time passed we persevered and were all able to get to the top of many of the challenges. We ended the day with a very competitive game of UNO.

The Term Four program is full of lots of different activities. If you would like to join us please complete the following form



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