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Rainbow Families Around Australia

We know there are LGBTQ+ parents across Australia. Rainbow Families is a NSW based organisation which is why all of our events are in NSW. We do our best to support families from around the country through our education resources and equality work and there are some amazing community organisations and groups of parents in different parts of Australia organising playgroups and catch ups. 
Here is a list of groups outside NSW for lesbian mums, gay dads, bi parents, trans and gender diverse parents and queer parents. 

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Ensuring Safe and Inclusive Health Services: Your Voice Matters!

April 11, 2024

Access to safe, inclusive health services is crucial for the health and well-being of individuals and families, especially during conception, pregnancy, and the early years of a child's life. Unfortunately, we know that barriers can exist for LGBTIQ+ individuals, affecting their access to services...

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