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Rainbow Families First Parent Peer Support Program Draws To A Close

November last year saw the launch of our first Parent Peer Support Program. The free program ran for 20 weeks and involved LGBTQ+ parents who were either seeking or wanting to give support paired up and connect throughout the duration of the program.

The program’s goal was to empower LGBTQ+ parents so that they become the best parents they can be; feeling seen, supported and comfortable in their communities. The program was made up of a fortnightly pair catch ups as well as a few online group catch ups throughout the 20 weeks. 


Here’s what some of the parents involved had to say:

“I was looking for extra connection and this did give me that and helped me feel more connected to the rainbow community which I often miss.”

“I met quite a few of the participants and am now in a parents group with them where we regularly catch up.”

“Was great to be involved.”

“[I enjoyed] the flexibility of how we could connect with our peer - I appreciated that we could find a way that suited both of us.”


Lots of things were learnt during this first round of the program and we look forward to making further improvements for the next round, due to start later this year

We are currently accepting applications for those who’d like to be part of the program - both peer support volunteers and participants looking for support. If you’d like to be involved in the next round of the program you can sign up here

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