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Change Lives with a Rainbow Families Gift in Will


As a small but mighty charity, Rainbow Families relies on the generosity of our community to continue our important work. A gift in your will, no matter the size, can make a huge difference in what we can achieve and will ensure the longevity of our charity.

After you have provided for your loved ones, you may consider including Rainbow Families as a beneficiary.

A bequest to Rainbow Families in your will is a special and powerful way to support a cause that is important to you and vital to the community. If you leave a gift to our charity, you can be assured that any amount – large or small – will make a valuable difference.


A few words in your will can provide Rainbow Families with opportunities that help us continue advocating for equality, inclusion, respect and recognition for our families, ensuring that our community thrives now and into the future. It also allows us to subsidise costs for many low-income rainbow families for events, camps and seminars.

Imagine knowing that because of your gift, more families could take their children to places like our popular Resilience Camp to create special memories and friendships with other children like just them.

Your financial gift will create more opportunities like this - and nothing gives us more satisfaction than being able to help our families have experiences they may not have been able to - because of a cost barrier.

We only get one childhood and we want our families to create as many happy memories as possible.

With your financial support, no one needs to miss out.


Here’s a simple guide on how to ensure your gift is arranged to reflect your wishes:

Talk with your solicitor who can help tailor your will to ensure your intentions are clearly expressed. You can provide them with our details here:

Legal Name: Rainbow Families Australia
Address:1/49 Carrington Rd, Marrickville 2204
ABN: 86 675 114 896

For your will, you might consider including this wording:

“I kindly bequeath [the specific amount, percentage of your estate, or description of property] free of all duties, to Rainbow Families Australia, 1/49 Carrington Rd, Marrickville 2204, for its general purposes. I declare that the receipt of an authorised officer of Rainbow Families Australia shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the executor(s).”

We also encourage you to share your decision with your family and loved ones. This ensures that your wishes are understood and respected by everyone involved, including your executors and guardians.

Once you have included Rainbow Families in your will, please consider letting us know by emailing [email protected]. Your notification helps us plan for the future and allows us the opportunity to express our gratitude for your generous support.


By including Rainbow Families in your will, you are providing us with the freedom to support and expand our services for beautiful families across Australia. Your legacy will help us build a more inclusive and understanding society for future generations.

We deeply appreciate your consideration and the impact your gift will have on our growing community.

Warmest regards,

Rainbow Families EO, Ashley Scott