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Rainbow Families Strategic Report

Our Vision and Goals

The Rainbow Families Strategic Plan for 2024-2026 aims to ensure that LGBTQ+ parented families are treated equitably and can live their best and most colorful lives. Central to our vision is the belief that love makes a family and every family matters. The plan focuses on breaking down barriers faced by rainbow families, including legal challenges related to parental rights, adoption, and surrogacy, as well as combating social stigma and discrimination. Our overarching goal is to create a resilient, connected and celebrated community of rainbow families.


Strategic Aims

Build a Stronger Rainbow Families Network for National Impact
- Establishing a strong network to amplify the voices and needs of rainbow families across Australia.
- Acting as a central hub to mobilise, coordinate, support, and empower local groups to create positive change.

Strengthen Engagement with Rainbow Families Australia-wide
- Building inclusive and supportive networks tailored to the unique needs and experiences of rainbow families.
- Providing support services, running community events, and coordinating new parents' groups and playgroups to help families navigate challenges and thrive.

Expand and Enhance Our Partnerships
- Adopting a strategic approach to collaboration, advocacy, and community engagement.
- Broadening and deepening partnerships with various sectors to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all rainbow families in Australia.

Build a Robust, Resilient Organisation
- Focusing on strong governance and leadership, sustainable funding strategies, effective communication and advocacy, and capacity and adaptability.
- Ensuring the organisation is capable of effectively supporting and advocating for rainbow families and prospective LGBTQ+ parents across Australia.

Approach and Activities

- Equipping Families: Providing resources and support within safe, inclusive spaces.
- Educating the Community: Raising awareness about the value and diversity of rainbow families and the barriers they face.
- Advocating for Change: Working towards fair and equitable policies and laws through advocacy and collaboration.
- Cultivating Safe Spaces: Creating environments where rainbow families and prospective LGBTQ+ parents can connect, reduce isolation, and receive peer support.

Immediate Outcomes

- A resilient, connected, supported, and celebrated community of rainbow families.
- Removal of barriers faced by rainbow families.
- Equitable treatment for rainbow families to live their best and most colorful lives.
- Inclusion, respect, and authenticity for every family.

Join Us

Rainbow Families invites you to join our efforts in creating a better, more inclusive and equitable society for all. Stay updated on our progress and participate in our initiatives by following our events page and joining our community on Facebook.

Together as we move forward, we can make this vision a reality and ensure that all our families feel seen, heard, and valued.