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LGBTQ+ Peer Support Program

Peer support so no-one  has to feel alone.

For many LGBTQ+ people who are new to parenting, or for people who have made the bold and affirming decision to come out and embrace their identity, mainstream parent’s groups or family activity groups can be not entirely comfortable.

Our peer support program is here to help ensure no-one needs to feel alone as a Rainbow Family parent. It connects LGBTQ+ parents and carers with other LGBTQ+ parents who are part of the Rainbow Families community, creating a welcoming and supportive connection to other families on a similar journey.

Families are matched on the basis of shared interests and experiences, with the form of meet-ups based on what works best and feels more comfortable for the families involved.

When it’s all new - someone’s there for you.

Whether you are a gay dad, lesbian mum, trans parent, had children via surrogacy, adopted, foster, share care or gender-diverse parent - you are not alone and your family is not alone. Having the support of other LGBTQ+ parents and making those friendships based on shared experiences helps you find the village that can help you raise your beautiful Rainbow Family!

We are looking for new parents and people new to the Rainbow Families community, as well as existing members of the community to support new parents. 

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