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Rainbow Families Australia – Creating a National Collaborative Organisation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Rainbow Families?

Rainbow Families have been operating as a range of organisations across many States for many years.  Some organisations have been more active than others, but we recognise we all have a common vision and goal - to support, connect, empower and meet the diverse needs of LGBTQ+ families. 

In all States, Rainbow Families has been steadfast in its mission as a charity to support, connect, celebrate, empower, and advocate for LGBTQ+ parents and their families at every stage of their lives. Serving as a crucial voice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans gender diverse and queer (LGBTQ+) parents and their children, the organisation addresses the often-neglected, forgotten, ignored, and discriminated-against segments of mainstream society.

Each Rainbow Families organisation has spent many years developing an effective, grassroots blueprint for our work and has filled a much-needed niche within the LGBTQ+ community. It is time we come together as a national organisation to deliver even more for our amazing community. 

What types of programs and services do Rainbow Families provide?

From programs assisting future parents in exploring their family-making options to antenatal classes, lactation support, playgroups, kids' personal safety programs, and social events, Rainbow Families fights systemic discrimination with love and affirming action.

Rainbow Families’ commitment extends beyond direct support, as an equality-focused organisation engaging with policy and research, and by providing leadership. Recognising that love is what makes a family, Rainbow Families champions the notion that every family matters, whatever their makeup.

Programs and services vary across each of the States, but through collaboration and working at a national level, we aim to increase service provision capacity for all LGBTQ+ parents and their families across the country.  

Why is Rainbow Families transitioning to a national organisation?

Over many years, all our rainbow families’ organisations have worked tirelessly with thousands of families, developing resources, programs, and community support. Families from around Australia have benefited from the advocacy work and education programs provided by Rainbow Families, and this will increase through a national collaborative organisation.

The decision to transition to a national organisation, known as Rainbow Families Australia, has been informed by significant community consultation with overwhelming support. This next step in our journey formalises our commitment to further expanding our programs, services and community support to LGBTQ+ parents and their families wherever they are in Australia.

My organisation already provides similar programs or services in my State or local area. What does the transition to a national organisation mean for us?

We know there are many outstanding charities, organisations and individuals already doing fantastic work to support and empower LGBTQ+ families across Australia. Our commitment is to connect, collaborate and amplify the great work that is already taking place, and we will not compete with or duplicate the outstanding work already undertaken by so many in our community. We have successfully worked collaboratively with LGBTQ+ organisations as well as with mainstream service providers and will continue to collaborate to apply any program that supports our community.

We are dedicated to supporting, celebrating, empowering, and advocating for LGBTQ+ parents and their families wherever they are in Australia.

Are there opportunities to collaborate with Rainbow Families Australia?

Yes! We believe there are opportunities in areas such as:

  • Utilising our extensive resources and programs as they work for you and your community
  • Promoting your events, advocacy efforts or other activity to a large, growing and highly engaged audience through the Rainbow Families Australia newsletter and other channels
  • Working collaboratively on key community and advocacy campaigns to amplify our combined efforts for the best interests of LGBTQ+ families.
  • Leveraging the Rainbow Families brand and resources to support fundraising activities, including the potential to jointly pursue grants and other funding opportunities.

We firmly believe in taking a collaborative approach and encourage you to get in touch with any ideas or opportunities that you believe will benefit LGBTQ+ families.

What are Rainbow Families Australia doing to help make the transition a success?

Throughout 2023, Rainbow Families has laid the groundwork for a national rollout of programs for families and for seeding new supportive, family-focused groups. This has included recruiting an expert skills-based board of volunteers from across the country, to govern and drive the transition to a national organisation.

We know how important the support of other organisations and individuals in our community will be to making this transition a success. In addition to the consultation undertaken to date, we remain fully committed to listening to the views of all who have an interest in the support and empowerment of LGBTQ+ families across Australia. 

I’d like to discuss this further. How can I get in touch?

Whether it’s to collaborate, to clarify, or even to express concerns, we are keen to listen and hear your thoughts. We know the power of community is critical to enabling improved experiences and outcomes for LGBTQ+ families. Please contact us via [email protected]  and we will be in touch.

For any media inquiries, please contact Rainbow Families EO Ashley Scott E: [email protected]



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