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Prosper (Project Australia) is Seeking Volunteers for our WE ARE SURVIVORS! Project

Prosper (Project Australia) is seeking volunteers to assist with our new project called “We Are Survivors!”. The aim of the project is to develop an online hub of information, support and resources for survivors of sexual assault from LQBTQIA+ CALD and refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds. The project also seeks to provide information, support and resources for survivors’ loved ones and the professionals who work with them.
We hope to be able to be a first point of contact for information and support for people who have experienced sexual assault but are unsure and/or nervous about taking the next steps to get “real life” help and support. We are aware that sexual assault is a difficult and sensitive topic, especially within the LGBTQIA+ CALD and refugee and asylum seeker context, and Prosper (Project Australia) is therefore seeking the feedback of sexual assault survivors from LGBTQIA+ CALD and refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds as we develop the online hub.
We are also very keen to obtain feedback from professionals who work in the relevant area/s. We want our online hub to be as helpful as it can possibly be for as many people as possible and the contribution of survivors and those who work with survivors is invaluable.
At this stage the project is focusing on Arabic, Chinese, Bangla, Vietnamese and Hindi communities.
If you feel that this project is something you would like to contribute to, please email Reina at [email protected]
Please go to to see Prosper’s other online hubs Strong Safe Fabulous and Strong Safe Families.

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