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New Strong Safe Fabulous Campaign - A Safe Home Life.

LGBTQIA+ campaign ‘Strong, Safe, Fabulous’, has launched a powerful new anti-domestic and family violence prevention initiative.

The campaign aims to break down negative stereotypes and create long-term behaviour change by sharing authentic stories from members of LGBTQIA+ families that address the importance of having a safe home life.

Ashley Scott, Executive Officer of Rainbow Families, highlighted the ongoing issue of domestic and family violence within the LGBTQIA+ community, emphasising the need for a long-term strategy for change.

"There is a high level of domestic and family violence within all communities, but the rate amongst the LGBTQIA+ community is even more alarming, with more than 40 per cent of people reporting abuse in an intimate partner relationship, meanwhile, six in 10 LGBTQIA+ people report experiencing family violence.” He said.

"We need more education around the impacts of violence and abuse while showcasing the life-changing benefits of offering support.”

He explains how we can make the change.

“Social norms, language and community attitudes are some of the factors that shape the way society understands and responds to domestic and family violence. Seeing how others are supporting their loved ones teaches us how we can improve the lives of LGBTQIA+ community members and be useful friends and allies.”

The campaign features a series of powerful videos of LGBTQIA+ members overcoming personal struggles with the support of family and friends. One participant, 16-year-old Arley Pearce, shared their story in the hopes of helping others.

"When I was in a bad place, I thought I was all alone until I really accepted that my family cared, and with their support, I was able to push through," Pearce said.

“I found another part of myself that I wouldn’t have known without my supportive family.

“The project was a great opportunity to express how I have gotten around problems and how I resolved them, with the hope of helping others,” they said.

The "Strong, Safe, Fabulous" campaign videos can be watched here.



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