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Genea's Progressive Stand On Medicare Rebates for LGBTQ+ Assisted Reproductive Treatment

Great news from our fertility partner; Genea offering Medicare Rebates for LGBTQ+ IVF

We're thrilled to share exciting news from our fertility partner, Genea, as they take a pioneering step to ensure equal access to IVF treatment and Medicare rebates for all. Historically, Medicare rebates have been limited to those deemed to require a "clinically relevant service" or facing a "medical condition that requires treatment."

Genea has proudly announced a more inclusive approach, asserting that anyone in need of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) for reproduction is entitled to Medicare rebates.

This includes:

  •     LGBTIQA+ families
  •     Reciprocal IVF
  •     Single women or men creating embryos

Genea's position aligns with the ICMART definition of infertility and complies with the Sex Discrimination Act 1984, reflecting their commitment to ethical leadership in the ART community. They advocate for the alignment of FSANZ and the entire ART industry with this inclusive position, marking a significant stride in navigating the complexities of IVF treatment.

We are proud to partner with such a progressive Assisted Reproductive Technology service. We thank Genea and in particular CEO Tim Yeoh and Genea Medical Advisory Chair Myvanwy McIlveen for bravely challenging what has been an unfair exclusion that has impacted our community over the years.

THANK YOU Genea, Tim, and the team of leading fertility specialists who support this game-changing move.

If you'd like to find out more about how Genea's fertility experts can support you with starting your future family, click here.

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More about Genea:

Industry-leading IVF success rates

At Genea, you have access to world-leading fertility technology exclusive to Genea in Australia that delivers success rates 25 - 27% higher than the national average, increasing your chances of getting pregnant.

35+ years of confidence

We’ve been doing this since we were founded by Professor Robert Jansen in 1986 (and were originally called Sydney IVF). We achieved our first pregnancy within one month of opening. In the decades since, we’ve continued to lead the way.

50+ Specialists

Our Fertility Specialists provide the deep knowledge and expertise that they have gained through their years of experience to tailor a fertility treatment plan based on your individual needs.

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