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We are very excited to announce a heartwarming partnership with Rainbow Families and Fairy.

As part of Fairy's support for the LGBTQ+ community they have launched an exciting initiative involving one of our families. Marly, Tracey, Jesse and Jules shared with Fairy what it's like living in a Rainbow Family - and not surprisingly it's pretty similar to a traditional family, with the same highs and lows of any family raising kids. Our families do unfortunately have the additional challenge of dealing with discrimination at times. Check out this beautiful video to hear more from Marly, Tracey, Jesse and Jules. 


As part of the promotion Fairy are generously donating money to help support our Youth Council for the first half of 2023. For Rainbow Families, it is crucial that our children have access to spaces where they can be their authentic selves, have a voice in the community and pursue their needs and dreams. The Youth Council is a regular facilitated group for young people aged 10-17 in the Rainbow Families Community. The group meets twice each month during term times in the Inner West of Sydney and go on exciting adventures together as well as work on projects for the community like the beautiful resource Little Rainbow which was released last year.

Fairy in partnership with Rainbow Families hope to build a strong and articulate next generation within the LGBTQ+ community.




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