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Fairy - Share Your Story

Fairy Dishwashing is proud to be partnering with Rainbow Families to create a piece of video content for Sydney World Pride 2023.

We understand that all families have a lot on their plate but Rainbow families in particular face some additional challenges. As a brand Fairy wants to make a difference, to allow every family to shine no matter thier make up.

During Sydney World Pride we want to raise awareness of the challenges rainbow families face and educate society through a piece of video content, highlighting the tensions you have as a rainbow family. We want to share your story, educate society, celebrate that love makes a family and reinforce that discrimination is not ok.



We are looking for one NSW family to tell their story in this video production.

To help us find the right family please tell us in 500 words or less, your story. This might be the discrimination you and your family have faced, the inappropriate questions your family have been asked or the bullying your children have experienced.

Share your story and photo of your family here by Tuesday 18th October. 


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