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Bounce - Rainbow Families Resilience Camp

Tickets for Bounce - Rainbow Families Resilience Camp will be available until Wednesday 9th October so get in quick. Camp is all about community, making friends and building children’s resilience. 

Although the camp is designed for primary school children aged 7 and above, the whole family is welcome, and there will be lots of activities for younger children to participate in. 
Or if you have one child that is old enough, why not have a one on one weekend with them at camp and leave the rest of the family at home…..

Campers from last year talk about the bonds that were strengthened between parents and children, as well as the new friendships that were formed over the weekend. 

‘It was wonderful for my boys to be able to hang with other kids and embrace a range of positive risk-taking activities, make personal connections and engage in good old-fashioned fun without parents having to be involved and spoil the experience.’ Parent feedback

‘We loved the fact that there was no technology, which enabled our kids to get creative and make their own games and entertain themselves.’ Parent feedback

Many parents spoke about sometimes feeling invisible as rainbow parents, or judged, alone, or about the weight of upholding a reputation as a perfect parent in the face of some discrimination. Many spoke about feeling they could be themselves at camp.

This blog post from last years camp talks about what an excellent weekend the camp was. 

Tickets available here

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