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Barnardos Fostering Webinar Wrap Up

Insights from Barnardos Foster Care Seminar and Rhys and Helen's Parenting Journey

The recent Barnardos Foster Care Seminar, led by Rainbow Families EO Ashley Scott, took a straightforward dive into fostering and adoption, with a special focus on fostering for LGBTQ people. Amy Weeks, Program Manager Carer Recruitment & Intake at Barnardos, shared practical information around their fostering process, and Rhys and Helen, a couple on their parenting journey, provided real, unfiltered insights.

Understanding the Process

Amy offered a down-to-earth breakdown of foster caring, addressing common questions around time frames, the approval process and providing practical insights for LGBTQ people considering adoption.

Rhys and Helen opened up about their journey into parenthood. Taking in three children overnight came with its challenges, with the couple humorously recounting their initial confusion about basic things like what to feed their new arrivals.

They expressed their appreciation for the consistent support from Barnardos as the organisation has continued served as a reliable resource to them, particularly in the early stages of their parenting journey.

Family Dynamics and Visits

The couple discussed the prescribed birth family visitations which range from 4 to 6 per year, acknowledging occasional challenges while underscoring their significance in helping the children integrate their past experiences into their new family.

Describing Barnardos as a crucial support, Rhys and Helen shared how the organisation played a significant role initially but has gradually became less needed as they grew more confident in their parenting roles.

Rhys and Helen candidly spoke about the ups and downs of parenting, highlighting moments when kids could be a handful but could also melt hearts with declarations of love.

Reflecting on the transformative experience of transitioning to full-time parenthood, the couple emphasised the life-changing nature of the journey. Helen chose to full-time parent, instead of returning to her career, a decision driven by the joy of spending time with the little ones who benefit so much from that extra time and support from her.

Future Plans: Adoption on the Horizon

Looking forward, Rhys and Helen (and the kids) expressed excitement about the adoption process which will happen in the future, viewing parenthood as one of their most fulfilling experiences.

To learn more about fostering or to explore if it might be the right fit for you, watch the webinar provided 

Password: QUi&M9ro

here or reach out to the Barnardos team for a chat and further information. Carer enquiry team - We care 1800 663 441

Fostering is not only a beautiful way to give children a safe and loving home but also an equally beautiful way to create a family of your own.


Thanks to everyone who joined us today and we are hopeful the seminar will have planted seeds for those those in attendence.

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