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Youth Advisory Council

The Rainbow Families Youth Advisory Council was established in 2018, to ensure that the voices of children and young people are heard, and are able shape and to participate in the development of policies and services that concern them.

The Youth Advisory Council is open to any child or young person who has a parent or family that is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender diverse, queer and intersex.

There is a junior and senior council, ranging from 10 – 21 years of age. The junior council offers an introduction to governance, and opportunity to develop skills and create projects and initiative focused on young children. The senior council operates more formally and can be active in setting advocacy and policy goals, and develop projects and initiatives for young people and young adults in our community. The senior council also offers and important mentoring role for younger councilors joining the junior council.

The Youth Advisory Council has the following functions:

·      To advise the Rainbow Families committee on the needs, issues, and priorities for children and young people in our community

·      To provide a voice on the needs of children and young people in relation to advocacy priorities, education and welfare priorities

·      To develop leadership skills, and provide mentoring and support to children and young people entering our community

·      To find ways to reach out to marginalized or remote children and young people

·      To coordinate social and education events and resources relevant to children and young people

What will I get out of it?

Youth Councilors will receive training sessions about community management, being part of social movements, and hear from special guests of the community and diversity industries, learning how to be the best campaigner of human rights they can be.

You will be able to support and be a mentor to younger children in our community.

You will be pivotal in providing guidance and advice to the Rainbow Families board about changes, future social and cultural event and activities that they want to see!

Qualities to be a youth councilor you need to be:

·      Be passionate about your family and our community.

·      Care about supporting other children in rainbow families.

·      Be available to attend meeting in Sydney once a month

Corporate Sponsor

The Rainbow Families Council is supported by Deloitte. Deloitte view diversity and inclusion as central to their ability to execute on strategy. Through their extensive research, Deloitte have discovered that at the intersection of diversity and inclusion lies an area rich with fresh, innovative ideas and creativity – which drives better employee experiences and ultimately – better outcomes. Respect and inclusion are core values at Deloitte and these are the responsibility of all their employees from CEO right through to graduates.


We are pleased to have their support for the Youth Advisory Council, offering meeting space, advice and training opportunities for our children and young people.

Rainbow Families Board of Management

Vanessa Gonzalez is the Co-Chair and ex officio member supporting the Youth Advisory Council. Marly Greenwood is a volunteer parent also supporting the council. As per our Child Protection Policy all adults engaged in working with children and young people, including in this voluntary capacity, have a cleared Working with Children Check.

How do I join up?

Interested children and young people are invited to send an email expressing interest in getting involved and a contact number. Younger children may need the support of a parent in doing this. A Youth Council leader will ring you and invite you to a meeting so you can see what it is like and decide if it’s for you.

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