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Volunteer Profile Steve

You may have noticed that we have a new website. Putting together a new website is no small task and for a community organisation like Rainbow Families the budget is tight - or non existent! We rely on volunteers for so much of the work we do and for our new website Steve Jenkins kindly volunteered to run this project for us. 

Steve led the project from beginning to end (he’s still making minor changes for us now actually), coordinating an army of volunteers who worked on individual projects like copy, images and graphic design.  It has been wonderful to have a professional and ally to our community, lend their skills and time to help our organisation. We are super grateful for the time and contribution Steve has made to Rainbow Families. 
"Rainbow families is such an important organisation, and I hope this website can help reach more people in our community, and of course drive donations so that the team can do even more! Such a rewarding experience, but also a huge team effort."
The new website features some beautiful new photos of our community members and their families to help show the diversity and love that is in our community. Thank you to the families involved in our photo shoot earlier in the year. Resources are now much easier to find on the website and you may notice there is a greater call to action for people and corporate partners to get involved and support our families. We now have a monthly giving program so if you are in a position to give regularly to support our work please donate here
We’d love to hear what you think about the new website. If you have any feedback or suggestions please contact us. And thank you again Steve for six months of work to give us our wonderful new website! 

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