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Volunteer Profile - Lara

Lara has been volunteering with Rainbow Families to help organise our recent sports carnival / end of year event.

Lara replied to a call out we did in our newsletter looking for sporty people to get involved and help out with our first ever sports carnival.

Lara had the brilliant idea of reaching out to LGBTQ+ sports clubs so that we could ensure that the day was as inclusive as possible. Lara kindly connected us with Team Sydney so we were able to get some of the queer sports team involved in the day. Lara attended the weekly event meetings and took on tasks each week which helped to ensure the event was a huge success.

Lara and her family were super helpful on the day as well, organising presents for Santa to give out, helping to set up and, and helping to put plans in place when the rain started coming down.

Lara thank you for your work on this project. Everyone that came commented on how wonderful it was to be back with our community, and what a well organised event it was.

If you have an idea for a project you would like get started for the community, or if you would like to get more involved with Rainbow Families please let us know here.



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