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Volunteer Profile Cathy

Meet Cathy Brown - Rainbow Families Committee Member, and head of the Advocacy Subcommittee. 

I have two kids, aged 5 and 8. As of April this year I have a wife. My kids have four parents, 6 grandparents, and too many cousins for me to remember. 

I got involved with Rainbow Families by way of a conversation with one of the co-convenors (at the time) about helping out with some policy work. But I have always been interesting in LGBTIQ+ community stuff, so this way I get to justify my activism as helping my kids, and hang out with a bunch of great families. 

My background is as a political staffer, and I currently work in diversity and inclusion research, so I have a natural inclination to advocacy work. I have been involved in the Love (still) Makes a Family Report into federal government services, lots and lots of submissions, and at the moment I am focussed on the debate around religious freedoms.

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Volunteer Profile - Snez

June 27, 2022

Meet Snez the wonderful volunteer who is putting on the new catch ups in the Panania, Liverpool, Bankstown area. Snez tells us about her family, why she wanted to start a group for Rainbow Families in the Bankstown area, and what people can expect...

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Panania, Liverpool and Bankstown Rainbow Families Group

June 24, 2022

The Panania, Liverpool, Bankstown Rainbow Families Group is taking off!  We have had two very successful catch ups with around 8 families attending. Everyone has talked about how lovely it is to connect with local LGBTQ+ families and find their community in the area. We know...

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