Volunteer Profile Cathy

Meet Cathy Brown - Rainbow Families Committee Member, and head of the Advocacy Subcommittee. 

I have two kids, aged 5 and 8. As of April this year I have a wife. My kids have four parents, 6 grandparents, and too many cousins for me to remember. 

I got involved with Rainbow Families by way of a conversation with one of the co-convenors (at the time) about helping out with some policy work. But I have always been interesting in LGBTIQ+ community stuff, so this way I get to justify my activism as helping my kids, and hang out with a bunch of great families. 

My background is as a political staffer, and I currently work in diversity and inclusion research, so I have a natural inclination to advocacy work. I have been involved in the Love (still) Makes a Family Report into federal government services, lots and lots of submissions, and at the moment I am focussed on the debate around religious freedoms.