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The Gender Centre Resources & Counselling

The Gender Centre provides support, resources, and counseling for transgender and gender diverse individuals, including mental health services. They aim to improve the mental well-being of gender diverse people. Their counselling covers subjects like:

  • cross-dressing
  • self-harm
  • suicide
  • alcohol & other drugs
  • depression
  • harassment
  • hormones
  • relationships

Click here to find out how to access support at the Gender Centre

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Switchboard Suicide Prevention Resources/Support

August 17, 2023

Switchboard is a helpline and online chat service that provides support, information, and referral services for LGBTQI+ individuals in Victoria. They offer confidential support for mental health concerns and crisis situations. They also offer Let's Talk About Suicide podcast, a suicide saftely webinar and...

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qheadspace Youth Mental Health Resouces

August 17, 2023

qheadpace is a terrrific resource for LGBTQI+ youth as it has up to date resources from a number of organisations as well as chat rooms and other spaces to interact and share supportive info with other youth who might be going through a tough...

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