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Surrogacy Consultation

Rainbow Families is holding a series of focus groups in early December 2021 to explore the impact of parenting laws on families formed through surrogacy. We are keen to hear from people considering surrogacy to create their families as well as people who have started a family using a surrogate.

For many parents of children born through international surrogacy, Australian law does not recognise them as the legal parent of their child. This is a complex issue and one that Rainbow Families is committed to working to change. For us to lobby for change we need to understand how this issue impacts families, and those considering surrogacy.

The information shared in these sessions will help form our Equality Team's strategy for this campaign. Identities of people involved will be kept anonymous. The session will be run by Deloitte as part of their Impact Day.

Register for the focus group here

If you would like more information about the sessions or campaign before signing up please email [email protected]