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StrongSafeFabulous Supporter Posters - Free

Listed are 3 x support poster to download and to use in public spaces, schools, sports club to remind people about the importance of recognising diversity, accepting, empowering and embracing everyone for who they are. If you are a teacher, coach, ally, parent or carer, hanging these posters in areas where LGBTQ frequent is an easy way to make them feel safe and supported and comfortable.

It's tough being young and accepting who you are, so any little gesture we can make will make a big impact on young people.

Click here to download them

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School Support Guide for LGBTQ+ Families

January 24, 2024

There are some things that are unique to Rainbow Families. The School Support Guide aims to equip LGBTQ+ parents, carers and schools with information and insights to help address both small day-to-day challenges and some of the major challenges and concerns. We also find...

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Professional Learning Resource - Gender and Sexuality Diversity in Schools

December 12, 2023

Professional Learning Resource - Gender and Sexuality Diversity in Schools (GSDS) This is a professional learning module resource about Gender and Sexuality Diversity in Schools: Parental Experiences and Schooling Responses developed from a recent research project, funded by the Australian Research Council. A major output of this project...

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