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ReachOut Schools

ReachOut is an invaluable platform for primary school-aged LGBTQ+ youth who may be facing mental health challenges or seeking to explore their identities in a safe and nurturing environment. This comprehensive online resource offers info on issues specific to LGBTQ+ individuals. Primary school students can access webchat and materials that help them understand and manage their emotions, emotional intelligence and resilience.

The platform also enables them to find peer support and gain insights into their feelings and identities.

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School Support Guide for LGBTQ+ Families

January 24, 2024

There are some things that are unique to Rainbow Families. The School Support Guide aims to equip LGBTQ+ parents, carers and schools with information and insights to help address both small day-to-day challenges and some of the major challenges and concerns. We also find...

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Professional Learning Resource - Gender and Sexuality Diversity in Schools

December 12, 2023

Professional Learning Resource - Gender and Sexuality Diversity in Schools (GSDS) This is a professional learning module resource about Gender and Sexuality Diversity in Schools: Parental Experiences and Schooling Responses developed from a recent research project, funded by the Australian Research Council. A major output of this project...

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