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Rainbow Families looking for rainbow families

Everywhere we look this time of year, advertisers are talking about families. But too often, those photos do not show diverse families. This can be especially difficult for those who live in communities where difference is not accepted, or who have experienced estrangement from family members due to their gender or sexuality. It is hard to be what you do not see, as the saying goes.

So, along with everything else we celebrate this time of year, we want to see Rainbow Families celebrated too!

One of the best ways to do that is to use the power of social media. And that’s where you come in. If you are posting a photo to Instagram of members of your family doing something fun, seasonal or family-time things, add the hashtag #rainbowfamiliesnsw

And keep adding the hashtag #rainbowfamiliesnsw to all of your family posts, year-round. 

It is so important for rainbow families to see other rainbow families. That includes families with gay dads, or lesbian mums, or non-binary or trans parent or queer parent, LGBTQ+ single parents, rainbow families through fostering/adoption and surrogacy, LGBTQ+ grandparents, aunties and uncles who care for kids, multi-generational families, proud parents of LGBTQ+ young people – every type of family!

Our own Rainbow Families Instagram is now being beautifully curated by one of our amazing marketing committee members, Will, who has promised to like as many posts as possible. And he will use some of the images on the Rainbow Families Instagram.

We look forward to seeing everyone’s wonderful family happy snaps!

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