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One Nation NSW Religion Bill Survey

Mark Latham has introduced another piece of legislation that directly attacks LGBTQ+ people. The Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020 harms trans and gender diverse students by denying their existence and preventing teachers and counsellors from supporting them.

And it allows parents to withdraw their kids from a class or program which tells them LGBTQ+ people are just like everyone else.

In theory, this could mean parents could opt their children out of such innocuous activities as a kids talking about coming from Rainbow Families, a kid giving a talk about their parents’ same-sex wedding, any discussion of Mardi Gras, or any sort of recognition of other LGBTQ related issues.

This will have a massive impact on our kids and our families. Our kids are effectively being told there is something wrong with their families and their community.

Rainbow Families will be making a submission to tell the government how dangerous this legislation is. We need to make sure they hear from our families about what this means for us.

Take our short survey to tell us about the impact this will have on YOUR FAMILY.

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