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New Parenting Support

Get out of the house with your baby and join our new parent support group.

Being a new parent can be a mind-blowing blend of joy, terror, sleep deprivation, anxiety, love, unexpected delight, nappies, feeding, rocking, worrying and counting fingers and toes, among other things.

Being part of a group of other new parents is a wonderful chance to relax a little and share the milestones and challenges. For LGBTQ+ parents including gay dads, lesbian mums, trans and gender diverse parents, mainstream new parent groups can be somewhat intimidating or uncomfortable.

Rainbow Families' new parent group is a safe, inclusive and welcoming opportunity to connect with other parents. It could be the start of a lifetime of friendship and peer support for your new human too!

Get good advice

Because babies do not come with a manual, new parents often have more questions than answers. The Rainbow Families parenting support group is facilitated by an LGBTQ+ parent and includes visiting nurses from Sydney Local Health District who can give you some excellent advice and guidance about many of the common issues and concerns, from tummy time and colic to vaccination and when the right time is to start solids. 

Be part of a community of families like yours.

To register your interest and join our next group email us [email protected]