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All Kids Are Equal Campaign Fundraiser

Every Australian child deserves respect and equality - and every family deserves to be recognised under the law.

Rainbow Families is continuing to grow it’s All Kids Are Equal campaign to achieve law reform for parents and their children born through surrogacy.

Thousands of Australian children born through surrogacy do not necessarily have legal parents leaving some children with less rights than others. We believe all children are equal and deserve to have their families recognised under Australian law. To achieve this goal we need your help:

  • Donate money to our Kid’s Rights fundraiser.
  • Offer your in-kind support by donating a meeting space, catering and other resources to support our campaign.; and
  • Share the story of your family here.

What we have done so far

Over the past few years we have consulted with families impacted by Australia’s unfair parenting laws. We’ve surveyed mums and dads and held listening sessions with families to gain an in depth understanding of how this issue impacts on families.

This year we formed a working group of experts from around the country, passionate about children's rights to have their families legally recognised. We’ve been working with Equality Australia and talking with politicians of all political persuasions to help deliver equality for our families. But we need to do more at a national level to ensure that families from around the country are protected.

The next stage of this campaign is to engage a strategic communications firm to help us continue to build our campaign, raise our collective voice and support our engagement with decision makers in parliaments around Australia.


We need your help

We need to raise at least $40,000 to take our campaign forward. Australian governments continue to deny thousands of children born through surrogacy the right to have their families recognised equally under the law. This is not in the best interests of children, families and flouts human rights conventions on the rights of the child. 

Will you donate to help give all kids in our community equal rights? Every donation is tax deductible and will help ensure all families in our community have equal rights. 


If you have any questions about the All Kids Are Equal campaign, how you can support the effort or to share your story please do not hesitate to contact us.

$11,878 Raised

GOAL: $40,000.00

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