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HUGO The boy with the curious mark

HUGO The boy with the curious mark.

Illustrations by Award winning Illustrator Manuela Adreani

Written by debut author Yohann Devezy


Hugo the boy with the curious mark, is an important book.

Not just in June, for pride month, but every day.

This gentle story explores how it feels to be different, by telling the story of a young boy, Hugo, born with a rainbow birthmark. Initially ashamed of his mark and himself, Hugo is lost in sadness.

But determined to find someone with a rainbow mark just like his, he sets out on a roller-coaster of emotions and adventure. His quest seems in vain, but just as he gives up, something wonderful happens.

A perfect book that reflects the world we live in, embracing diversity and celebrating difference – many will relate to HUGO’s story.


A note from the Author

“I really wanted to publish a book that told the kind of story I wish I had when I was growing up” said author Yohann Devezy.

“As a member of the LGBTIQ community, we spend many years ashamed of our ‘difference’, so I wanted to tell a different story, that difference is wonderful and should be embraced.”


Reviews for Hugo

 ‘A subtle and beautiful story that embraces difference and sings with enlightenment and acceptance.’ 

Kids Book Review


‘A beautiful story about letting your diversity shine.’

Disability and Queer Rights Activist Jax Jacki Brown


‘That is a great book, with such an important message behind the story.’


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