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Early Childhood - Family Diversity & Inclusion Training

Supporting Early Childhood Education, Care Services and Educators by Nurturing Inclusion

Welcome to Rainbow Families' Early Childhood Education And Care (ECEC) program featuring our Family Diversity Training. 

We are committed to supporting educators in creating safe, inclusive and welcoming environments for diverse families and educating all children in an effort to reduce discrimination for LGBTQ+ people.  We understand there is a big difference between wanting to make and implement change and having the capacity and knowledge to start the journey. It is time consuming and can be overwhelming. We are here to make things easier.

Our Purpose:

  • Partnering with Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Educators and services to create positive change.
  • Integrating family diversity education in everyday conversations and programs through collaboration, training and education with the early childhood sector.
  • Empowering educators to confidently educate all children about the beauty and uniqueness of every family.
  • Laying the foundation for greater acceptance and reduced discrimination and disadvantage for all LBGTQ+ people through initiating inclusion and diversity education during the early years.

Family Diversity Training

  • We offer training for professional educators to confidently bring family diversity education to life.
  • The program equips educators with practical strategies to create affirming early learning environments and reduce discrimination and disadvantage for children from diverse families.
  • Your team will complete the training equipped with the knowledge to confidently integrate inclusive language and practices, so children from rainbow families feel included and family diversity becomes normalised. 

Why Is Family Diversity Training Important?
Our training supports early learning services to use and understand the National Quality
, the Early Years Learning framework V2 and work according to the ECA Code of Ethics. Participation in this training will assist educators in developing deeper knowledge and understanding and support educators in cultivating genuine partnerships with diverse families, creating a service that is welcoming to all families.

Ready to find out more?

  • Contact us to express your interest in training.
  • Our team will reach out to you to schedule a discussion about your training needs.
  • Our Program Manager Marly Greenwood will visit your centre at a time that suits you and your team to present the training.
  • The program includes a pre-training screening and survey so we can best understand your training needs.
  • The training will take between 60 and 90 minutes depending on your requirements.
  • Following the training we will check back in with you to see what we can do to continue to support you.

Check out the link introducing our Early Learning Family Diversity Inclusion Training Coordinator, Marly Greenwood and why we are thrilled to have her onboard.

Click here to meet Marly.

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