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Family Violence Prevention Program - StrongSafeFabulous

Breaking the cycle of family violence with support for #StrongSafeFabulous Rainbow Families.

Sadly, family violence can be an issue for too many LGBTQ+ families, and mainstream services often lack understanding and resources specific to the needs and circumstances of Rainbow Families. This makes it difficult to break the cycle of abuse and ensure our children grow up to be strong, safe and fabulous.

Our safety is in our hands

LGBTQ+ families face multiple levels of discrimination and disadvantage every day, and this creates added trauma when accessing services to address or prevent family violence. 

We offer a range of resources specific to our community’s needs that support families and empower them. They include parenting workshops, activities for parents to do with kids, parent activities at our Rainbow Families playgroups and information specifically addressing the circumstances of LGBTQ+ parents, carers and children.

Help is here - at our #StrongSafeFabulous website.

The SSF website is brimming with resources for parents and carers, schools, workplaces and early childhood settings. You can also keep an eye out for one of our #StrongSafeFabulous workshops.

Join us

Each month we send out a newsletter to all our community, keeping everyone informed on what we've been up to, what resources we have and what is coming up.



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