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Ten Tips To Keep Your Family Safe

It’s been quite a challenging few years, hasn’t it? With the uncertainty of COVID and all the change going on across the world including remote work, homeschooling and social distancing, it’s ok to feel a little worried, especially for the well-being of our families.

Keeping safe looks different to different people. We understand - which is why we’re here to help. So, we reached out to leaders from our community and asked them to share their tips on keeping safe. Here’s what they said.

“It’s easy to care about everyone around us and forget about ourselves. While this is very humble, remember that it’s hard to help others without looking after ourselves too. Get enough sleep, eat well and give yourself a high-5 in the mirror each day. You’ll be surprised how much that changes your mindset

“Fortunately today, we live in a society which shines a supportive light on mental health. But it still can be a silent intruder that creeps up without warning. So, keep an eye out for ongoing restlessness and unusual mood swings, and simply start by talking. Opening a non-judgemental dialogue and giving people a safe space to feel heard is the best first step before seeking professional help.” 

“I know that COVID-19 has become commonplace now and everyone’s aware of it. However, with new variants and a variety of possible symptoms, it’s a good idea to keep up-to-date with the latest information. Visit official government health websites regularly, because being aware will help you be more prepared.”

“If you feel unwell, don’t panic. Getting tested with a PCR test or a home - rapid antigen test is a smart decision, as it not only gives you more clarity around the potential cause, but if you do turn out to be positive for COVID, you can take the right steps to distance and keep others safe too.”

“You’re allowed to be sick. Just like you’re allowed to give yourself some downtime to get better. It’s harder on the body to push through, so if you do find that you have COVID and you’re unwell, stay home to protect others and give yourself the time to rest and recover.”

“This goes without saying, but the latest health advice issued by the Australian Government still suggests to distance socially as much as possible when in a public space and when indoors. That gap between others provides another layer of protection and keeps everyone safer.”

“We’re all human. We need to be social, meet up with people and bond as friends and family. COVID does make this a little tricky, but there are some great alternatives, such as meeting outdoors rather than indoors. While it can seem a little excessive to some, it just puts people more at ease and can make socialising much easier.”

“While getting vaccinated is a personal choice for everyone, the latest Government health advice and research show that vaccines significantly help in protecting us and those around us from COVID. We’re lucky to have the opportunity in Australia to get vaccinated and get the booster for free, with plenty of clinics offering this. So, get out there and protect both yourself and others.”

“The Government has recently announced that children from age 5 upwards are eligible for a free COVID-19 vaccination. Just like for adults, the vaccination can help protect children from COVID, especially as they start attending school and extracurricular activities. Find your trusted local clinic and book them in.”

“Children see and pick up everything they hear, from TV and social media, to other families and friends. There are so many opinions out there and this can make them anxious about safety, COVID and vaccinations. Don’t just leave them to guess their way through - discuss these topics with them and answer their questions so they feel empowered. But start by heading to the Government health website so you have all the answers to give them first!”


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