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Antenatal Classes for LGBTQ+ parents-to-be

Expect inclusion and support with Australia’s FIRST LGBTQ+ antenatal classes.

Gay dads, lesbian mums, transgender parents and other LGBTQ+ parents-to-be have often found mainstream antenatal classes a less than supportive, welcoming and inclusive experience. When you are preparing to welcome a baby - it really helps to share the journey with other expectant parents that are also making a Rainbow Family.

Ask all those tricky questions.

Our antenatal classes are run by midwives and nurses from Sydney Local Health District that are specifically experienced in the range of concerns LGBTQ+ parents may have and can answer the queer-est of questions about the actual birthing process and what to expect in the birthing suite.

How does it work?

The classes are a full day from 9am - 5pm, with the first half discussing the actual birth itself - what to expect, and what those supporting the birthing parent need to know about what happens in a birthing suite. 

The second part of the day is also open to co-parents, carers and others who will be showering the newborn and the birthing parent with love and care in the days immediately after the birth. It also covers postnatal care for parents and newborns, what birthing parents and support people need to know about caring for a newborn. 

Meet some other parents in our community

As well as a safe and supportive space to ask any questions, these classes are a fabulous way to start building a network of fellow Rainbow Family parents who are sharing the amazing journey of raising a new human.

Find out when the next antenatal class is being held near you.