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Activity Packs

Last month we sent out 200 activity packs to families across NSW thanks to the empowering and supporting local communities grants program. The packs were designed to help families who have struggled with lock down keep their kids entertained. 
We were thrilled to work with Reverse Garbage to put the packs together using sustainable materials. 
We had around 300 packs requested, but only had funds for 200 packs, so we reduced it to one pack per household and focused on areas that had been hit hardest by the lockdown restrictions. Sorry to all those who missed out on an activity pack. 
Thank you to everyone that contacted us saying how much their little ones loved the art and craft activities. Check out these super cute photos of craft our community has been able to make thanks to this generous grant, and the wonderful work of Reverse Garbage. Even the box was a fun! 

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Volunteer Profile - Lara

December 14, 2021

Lara has been volunteering with Rainbow Families to help organise our recent sports carnival / end of year event. Lara replied to a call out we did in our newsletter looking for sporty people to get involved and help out with our first ever...

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Thank You Vanessa

December 01, 2021

Vanessa, one of our founding Board members has stepped back from the Rainbow Families Board after nearly seven years of volunteering to support our community. Vanessa was at the first meetings of Rainbow Families where a group of gay and lesbian parents came together...

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