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ACON Resources & Support Services

ACON focuses on LGBTIQA+ health issues, including mental health. They offer support services, counseling, and resources for individuals and communities. While many sexuality and gender diverse people live happy, healthy and productive lives, there are a range of preventable experiences of mental distress which affect a disproportionate number of people in the LGBTQ+ communities compared to the general population. ACON have resources on suicide prevention, religious freedoms debates, Trans specific information and their We're With You campaign resources here.

Check out their comprehensive mental health resources and counselling and support services here.

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Switchboard Suicide Prevention Resources/Support

August 17, 2023

Switchboard is a helpline and online chat service that provides support, information, and referral services for LGBTQI+ individuals in Victoria. They offer confidential support for mental health concerns and crisis situations. They also offer Let's Talk About Suicide podcast, a suicide saftely webinar and...

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qheadspace Youth Mental Health Resouces

August 17, 2023

qheadpace is a terrrific resource for LGBTQI+ youth as it has up to date resources from a number of organisations as well as chat rooms and other spaces to interact and share supportive info with other youth who might be going through a tough...

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