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Ensure schools are safe spaces for LGBTQ+ teachers, students and rainbow children

*Take away the lawful power of schools to sack LGBTQ+ teachers because of their gender or sexuality
*Take away the lawful power of schools to expel LGBTQ+ students or children of rainbow families because of who they are

UPDATE 9/6/2022: In the dying days of the last Parliament, the Lower House passed a bill amending to the Sex Discrimination Act which would outlaw discrimination against gay or trans students. But the Senate dropped the bill, so it remains legal for schools to discriminate against LGBTQ+ children and rainbow families.

It's time to end the discrimination. Sign today to fight for our children.

Sign our petition to the Prime Minister and all Parliamentarians demanding that LGBTQ+ teachers and students, as well as the children of rainbow families, be protected from discrimination, firing or expulsion on the basis of who they are.

Imagine your child being expelled from school, not because of anything they did or said, but just because of who they are. Or because of who their parents are. Because of their gender or sexuality.

Imagine your child feeling that they have to hide their sexuality or gender identity for fear of discrimination or expulsion.

Imagine being fired from your job because of your gender or sexuality. 

Imagine being fired from your job because of the gender or sexuality of your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner. Not because of anything you did or said, but because of who you are. Imagine going to work each day fearful of losing your jobs.  

The above scenarios are not just possible, but are occurring now, under current law. And changes to the law the Government wants to introduce will make it even easier.

Three years ago, the former PM Scott Morrison promised to change the law to ensure that no student at any school could be expelled on the basis of their sexuality.

“Our government does not support expulsion of students from religious non-state schools on the basis of their sexuality,” he said. The PM promised legislation that “will give all students and parents the certainty they require... in the next fortnight.”  

Three years later LGBTQ+ students are still waiting for that certainty. We call on all members of the new parliament to join together to end this discrimination.

Now with a new government and parliament, it's time to give rainbow families and the LGBTQ+ community certainty, and protection from discrimination, in all schools and education settings. 

Sign our petition today to ensure schools are safe spaces for rainbow families, LGBTQ+ students and teachers.

Dear Prime Minister and fellow parliamentarians

We, the undersigned, request that commonwealth legislation clearly protects the rights of LGBTQ+ teachers and students, and the children of LGBTQ+ parents. 

We request that Parliament act to:
* Remove existing exemptions in the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act that allow students and staff to be discriminated against in faith-based schools because of their sexual orientation, gender identify or relationship status.

* Ensure no aspect of the Religious Discrimination Bill currently before parliament enables or increases the likelihood of discrimination toward adults or children on the basis of sexuality or gender.
* Create a Gender Identity, Sexuality and Intersex Status Commissioner or an LGBTIQ+ equivalent as part of the Australian Human Rights Commission, to help protect the rights of teachers and students and others in the community.

We respectfully remind you that:
1. Any educational institution of any description receiving government funding should not be allowed to discriminate based on a person’s sexuality, gender diversity, family structure or relationship status;

2. The children of LGBTQ+ parents should not, and should never be, discriminated against because of who they are, how they were created or what kind of family they come from.

3. Any health service of any description receiving government funding should not be allowed to discriminate based on a person’s sexuality, gender diversity, family structure or relationship status;

4. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender, gender diverse, and / or nonbinary community members should not be discriminated against based on sex, gender identity, sexuality, or relationship status.

We look forward to your swift action to ensure LGBTQ+ Australians are able to live, work, study, attend school and play, without fear of exclusion or discrimination.

Thank you 

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