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Rainbow Families Medicare Inclusion Campaign

Social Infertility Discriminates Against Rainbow Families - Help Us Get Equal Rights to Medicare Rebates!

In 2024, not all LGBTQ+ people receive the Medicare rebate when accessing assisted reproductive technology (ART) services like IVF, IUI, and domestic surrogacy. The decision to provide Medicare rebates to LGBTQ+ singles and couples is at the discretion of the treating doctor, and practices often vary even within the same clinics. Some doctors adhere to a traditional "medical" definition of infertility, while others embrace a broader definition that includes people unable to conceive due to their circumstances.

This broader definition is known as "social infertility."

Social infertility refers to the inability to conceive a child due to social factors rather than medical conditions. This term often applies to people who are unable to conceive 'naturally' because of their circumstances, like being in a same-sex relationship, being single, or other lifestyle choices that prevent natural conception. Unlike traditional medical infertility, which is based on biological or physiological issues.

We think this is unfair and discriminatory.

Fill out our survey to help us understand how this exclusion has affected you.

Rainbow Families is launching an advocacy campaign to push for regulatory changes to ensure everyone can receive the Medicare rebate for ART.

What We Need to From You:

  • We need to hear from our community about your experiences with clinics when creating your family.
  • Your input will help us understand how many people are receiving the rebate and how many are paying full price simply because they are considered "socially infertile."
  • All information provided will be de-identified and used to inform our advocacy efforts.
  • This data may also be included in letters, reports, and meetings with relevant government ministers and staff as we work on this crucial issue.
  • Please share your experiences with us to help drive positive change for our community.

Feel free to adapt or expand upon this base to better fit your specific needs or any additional information you might want to include. 

Genea Australia is an example of a progressive clinic leading the way and providing equal opportunities for Rainbow Families. Their team assert that anyone in need of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) for reproduction is entitled to Medicare rebates.

This includes:

  •     LGBTIQA+ families
  •     Reciprocal IVF
  •     Single women or men creating embryos

Ashleigh and Zoe were one couple Genea assisted with Medicare rebates, helping them save thousands along their reproductive journey - just like any other couple would have.

Ashleigh said: It was something we were prepared for, but it's still a significant cost. However, the Medicare rebates offered by Genea for each treatment really helped alleviate some of the financial burden. We were automatically put forward for these rebates, which made a big difference for us."