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Parenting Course - October

#StrongSafeFabulous is presenting an online workshop series for parents and carers of LGBTIQA+ children and young people, as well as LGBTIQA+ parents who want to brush up on their parenting skills find new ways of dealing with their children’s behaviour and learn new approaches to dealing with behavioural challenges. 

The four week course builds on skills from week to week, so attendance each week is preferred. There are only 10 spaces available, so if you are interested please make sure you can attend all four sessions. Sessions will be offered via zoom.

6pm Sydney Time

Oct 11 
Oct 18 
Oct 25 
Nov 1


LGBT Parenting Class

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This interactive four week program incorporates principles of the evidence-based Tuning In To Kids, Triple P, Protective behaviours and Circle of Security programs to provide a suite of parenting strategies designed to foster emotional intelligence, improve the management of misbehaviour, build protective factors and strengthen family relationships. The sessions offer a safe, supportive environment where you can share your thoughts and ideas, and learn from others with similar experiences. You will experience a positive, practical approach that builds on strengths within yourself and in your relationships. The learning environment will be a safe space for parents and carers to share their experience and learn new skills. The sessions are suitable for parents with children aged up to 12 years old.