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Mardi Gras Fair Day

Fair Day fun, why don't you join us?

Fair Day is one of the most child-friendly events of the Mardi Gras calendar - with rides, playgrounds, food, music, dancing and of course lots of fabulous people from the LGBTQ+ community out, proud and sparkling! 

We'll be there to meet you!

Rainbow Families partners with Mardi Gras to add even more family-friendly Fair Day fun.

Swing by our stall

We hold a stall with information for LGBTQ+ parents including gay dads, lesbian mums, trans and gender diverse parents, and prospective parent to connect with playgroups and information sessions, a craft activity for the kids as well as a quiet area for parents and children to chill out and relax.


Want to know when it's happening?

Each month we send out a newsletter to all our community, keeping everyone informed on what we've been up to, what resources we have and what is coming up. 

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