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Anti-Discrimination Seminar - 5 April

Join us for a 1 hour seminar from Anti-Discrimination NSW designed specifically for our community. Learn about your rights, when to make a complaint and how to make a complaint. 

When - April 5 from 7:30pm on zoom

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Seminars cover:

  • The role of the Anti-Discrimination NSW.
  • What other complaint agencies can assist me?
  • What types of discrimination are against the law?
  • What areas of public life are covered by NSW Anti-discrimination law?
  • How can I make an enquiry or complaint or help someone who has experienced discrimination?
  • Contacting Anti-Discrimination NSW.
  • What experiences of discrimination and unfair treatment does our community face? (Discussion)

"We’re committed to educating the community about their rights and responsibilities under Anti-discrimination laws. We offer free community seminars to help participants recognise when unfair treatment may be against the law and when it is not."


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