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Western Sydney Playgroup

Join us at our new playgroup for western Sydney rainbow families!

WHERE: Don Moore Reserve Meeting Room, at the end of Tiernan Ave North Rocks.

WHEN: 9am to 11am on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month.

Our playgroups are welcoming spaces for LGBTQ+ parents with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to connect with other local families.

Activities at the Rainbow Families Playgroup Include:

  • Creative Play: "Most of us don’t live in quarter-acre blocks, so the thought of setting up art and painting in your apartment can be a headache," shares a playgroup mum. "It’s great to come here and let the kids have those experiences." 
    Social Learning: Children gather for morning tea, a perfect time for them to socialise.
  • Support for New Parents: The playgroup also attracts many parents with babies, providing a friendly atmosphere for LGBTQ+ parents to chat, swap information, and support each other as new members of the rainbow family community.
  • Diverse and Inclusive:
    A wide variety of families participate in the playgroup, including lesbian mothers, gay dads, queer parents, trans and gender-diverse parents, and other rainbow families. Friendships formed at the playgroup often continue outside the group and last long after the children start school.
  • Community and Support:
    The group is 100% volunteer-run by LGBTQ+ parents and is part of the Playgroup NSW network, which supports the group. Our playgroups rely on regular attendance from a few families and we're keen to ensure that this new playgroup meets at a time and place that's convenient for most people. 
  • Like all playgroups, its success depends on new memberships and active participation, which help the group grow and continue providing support.
  • Get Involved:
    We'd love to hear from you if you're interested in being part of this new group! For more information or to express your interest in joining the new Western Sydney Playgroup, please contact us to register your interest and find out more. 

Why Join a Rainbow Families Playgroup?

Rainbow Families already operates successful playgroups in locations such as Inner West Sydney, Curran Hills, Canberra, and the Blue Mountains. These groups provide important community connections and a safe, supportive environment where LGBTQ+ families can thrive just as they are. The Rainbow Families Playgroup at the Joseph Sargent Community Centre in Erskineville is a wonderful example of how our playgroups can benefit parents and children. Here, parents and carers can meet others, make friends, share experiences, and exchange ideas. Children enjoy various fun activities, develop through play, and learn important social skills.

Seahorse Playgroup in Canberra is another fantastic example. Organiser Frankie creates amazing get-togethers for local queer families and their children. There are lots of ways to run your groups.