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Pages tagged "Young families"

Early Years Guide

So they sent you home with a baby but no instruction book? This guide is for you! Specifically written for LGBTQ+ parents it covers the trials and triumphs of caring for babies and preschoolers and offers the collective wisdom and advice of Rainbow Families parents.


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Protective Skills - Parents Guide

We all want our kids to feel safe - POSH is a practical guide to helping them feel protected.


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School Support Guide

There are some things that are unique to Rainbow Families. The School Support Guide aims to equip LGBTQ+ parents, carers and schools with information and insights to help address both small day-to-day challenges and some of the major challenges and concerns.


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Stay Safe - Primary School

Teaching young children how to set boundaries and use safety signals is vital, especially in the schoolyard.


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Postnatal Depression in our community

Postnatal Depression (PND) affects LGBTQ+ parents too. This fabulous video includes a discussion of PND and what parents can do if they are feeling its effects.


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Building Resilient Families

A guide to building strong, resilient LGBTQ+ families


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