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Separation Guide

Separation can be an isolating experience if you are an LGBTQ+ parent.  Where do you look for guidance if the models for post-separation parenting that you see around you for just don’t fit? How do you access support when the available services don’t seem to respond your family’s needs? Rainbow Families has responded by developing “The Separation Guide”. Like our other resources, the Guide draws on the experiences of community members. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to those who have been incredibly generous in telling their stories and sharing their wisdom from lessons learned. They are doing post-separation parenting in the way that works best for their families.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more than ever, separated parents have had to be flexible and child-focused in co-parenting their children. The changes and ongoing uncertainty regarding work, school and other activities has meant an anxious time for many people and brought additional challenges for co-parenting. While few of us saw this coming, the ability to respond to unforeseen events is the mark of a good co-parenting relationship.

A good co-parenting relationship isn’t automatic though. It takes hard work and time and the willingness to develop good communication. Some parents might not get there for reasons beyond their control and safety should always be the priority. It’s about putting your child first but it’s also about not making things hard for yourself. The way you manage situations from the beginning will establish a foundation for the future.

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Advocacy Update

Recently, the Rainbow Families Advocacy team had a meeting with the Office of the Prime Minister in relation to our Love (Still) Makes a Family report.

This was an exciting development for us, and a great chance for us to ensure that the issues impacting our families are being seen at the highest levels of government.

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Child Protection Activities

Many of us are stuck at home at the moment and looking for activities to entertain our kids.

Rainbow Families is excited to have a number of activities over the coming weeks to entertain the kids, and at the same time teach families protective behaviour strategies. 

Starting with a set of colouring in activities.

These can be easily downloaded and printed at home. We suggest you talk with your children as they are working on the sheets about how their feelings matter, that their body belongs to them, and about that they don't have to keep secrets. 

Children and young people need ways to positively express their needs, worries and good things in their lives. These resources will assist them to develop the communication, networking and personal safety skills critical for their ongoing personal safety.
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Free audio book version of: “The Curse of Grandma Maple”

Guest Blog Post from Jac Tomlins

How’s that social isolation with the kids going? Jigsaw puzzles? Monopoly? Baking? Or, like me, have you given up the battle of the screens and embraced Netflix and You Tube and Minecraft. This is a marathon, not a sprint, I’ve decided and I’m cutting myself — and them — some slack.

But then, every now and again, I start to feel like a bad parent so I kick them off their devices and shove a book under their nose. It works for a while, but as a compromise, they’ve also been listening to a few audio books and that got me thinking…

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Gayby Baby Home Schooling Kit

Many of us are home schooling our kids for the first time and looking for interesting ways to educate and entertain them. Our friends at Gayby Baby have made it simple for us to weave family diversity into our home school day, while increasing representation of diverse families and watch a movie with the kids.  

Gayby Baby’s educator’s resource is Australia’s first comprehensive education resource to represent LGBTIQA+ parented families. The School Action Toolkit is a Health and Physical Education / PDHPE (Y5–10) resource that explores family diversity in a fun and insightful way, using stories drawn from GAYBY BABY. 

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The triangle of balanced parenting

Guest blogger Rachel Matthews from Lotus Point talks about how we as parents can achieve balance in our lives


It is not selfish but necessary for you to be able to navigate the challenges of parenthood and keep your self-identity and mental health intact.  It is easy to begin to neglect our own needs whilst meeting the needs of your baby.  It starts with skipping your morning coffee or shower because the feed is due.

Daily self-care can be as simple as eating well, getting enough hydration and allowing yourself time to listen to some music instead of doing the washing up right now.

Taking a nap in the afternoon may sound luxurious, however it will allow you some extra fuel in the tank and patience to help you navigate what can be the most challenging time of the day with a baby… the dreaded bedtime routine.

Daily practices of yoga, meditation or exercise are essential for you to keep in touch with what your body needs whilst practicing calm and centred mindfulness.  When faced with the chaos of having a newborn, it helps to be able to start the day with the least amount of stress possible.

Is there a chance that prior to bringing your baby home you may have been working fulltime?  Often when this is the case, we have been putting off things like going to the physio, chiropractor or dentist because we have been too busy.   

Use this time at home with your baby to tick off the list of appointments you may have been putting off and use this time to look after yourself as well as your new baby!



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Finding Identity On Their Terms

The fabulous Dr. Red Ruby Scarlet has been at it again. Talking all things queer in Early Childhood Education.

Check out her latest article published in Every Child Magazine last month. 

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Love (still) Makes A Family Report

Rainbow Families has launched a report into discrimination faced by LGBTIQ+ parented families when access Australian Government Services. This report is a follow-up to the 2017 Rainbow Families NSW report Love makes a family: A report into discrimination faced by LGBTIQ+-parented families when accessing state government services.


This report looks at the experiences of members of our community when accessing services provided through the Australian Government. What we found is that families still face exclusion and discrimination in the most basic day-to-day interactions with government – from forms that don’t reflect the makeup of our families, to schools who can exclude our children because of who their parents are or have the right to fire us because of who we love and who we are.


Two things are clear from this report: the power of language to make LGBTIQ+ parented families feel included or excluded; and that family diversity and inclusivity training would go a long way to remove barriers for our community.


In 2017, our community campaigned for marriage equality. While that battle was won, what this report reveals is that there is still a long way to go before members of our community experience full equality when accessing government services.

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Trans and Gender Diverse Parents Guide

The Rainbow Families Trans and Gender Diverse Parents Guide details the personal stories of trans and gender diverse (TGD) parents, their partners and children. Each story is unique – reflecting a very individual journey – but collectively, these stories provide insights into shared, common experiences.

These stories provide practical advice and answers. They also offer the opportunity for identification and a strength that comes from knowing that someone else has walked this sometimes difficult path before. No one need ever feel alone in their journey, or that of a loved one, to be their most genuine selves.

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