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Celebrate #StrongSafeFabulous Relationships this Mardi Gras!

We invite you to celebrate #StrongSafeFabulous relationships in a new social media campaign to launch on the 1st of March.

Developed by Prosper (Project Australia) and Rainbow Families, the campaign addresses gendered violence in rainbow families across Australia and invites all members of the community to celebrate #SafeStrongFabulous LGBTQA+ relationships.

Get Involved

Simply take a photo of your #StrongSafeFabulous family, and share it on social media - don't forget to #StrongSafeFabulous 

“Unfortunately domestic and family violence occurs at similar if not higher rates amongst sexuality and gender diverse communities than in the general community” says Prosper (Project Australia)’s Executive Director, Karen Craigie. “However, we know that we can change the picture and prevent violence. Whether you are a member of the LGBTQA+ community, an ally, friend, family member or supporter, we want everyone to get involved in celebrating #SafeStrongFabulous LGBTQA+ relationships.”

A suite of fabulous social media tiles and frames have been developed for sharing during the campaign and members of the community can participate by snapping a picture of their relationship and sharing with the tag #SafeStrongFabulous.

The initiative is part of the Rainbow Families Family Violence Prevention Program – a multi-year effort to engage LGBTQA+ families in the prevention of violence by supporting positive, equal and respectful LGBTQA+ relationships and communities, promoting pride in LGBTQA+ bodies, identities, families and relationships, and raising awareness and community capability to respond to violence.                                                         

Download #SafeStrongFabulous social media tiles, social media frames or program resources here

Helping Hand Activity

This weeks home schooling activity is designed to get your children thinking about five adults they can call on for help if they need. 


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Gayby Baby Home Schooling Kit

Many of us are home schooling our kids for the first time and looking for interesting ways to educate and entertain them. Our friends at Gayby Baby have made it simple for us to weave family diversity into our home school day, while increasing representation of diverse families and watch a movie with the kids.  

Gayby Baby’s educator’s resource is Australia’s first comprehensive education resource to represent LGBTIQA+ parented families. The School Action Toolkit is a Health and Physical Education / PDHPE (Y5–10) resource that explores family diversity in a fun and insightful way, using stories drawn from GAYBY BABY. 

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Travelling with your baby

Our guest blogger Rachael Matthews from Lotus Point talks about her tips for travelling with your baby over the holidays.

Here are some travel tips I have come across when doing some research with different airlines, mainly Qantas, American airlines and British airways.

Travel documents:

If you are flying internationally with your baby, they will need their own passport. This can be tricky getting them to stay still for the passport photo so it better to organise it as soon as possible. Most airlines allow babies to travel from 48hrs old. 

Baby carry- on luggage:

Use a bag with multiple compartments so you can find what you are looking for easily.

o   Nappies enough for 1 per 3hrs of travel plus two extras, wipes, nappy rash cream.

o   Changes of clothes, lots of thin layers are good as the cabin temperature on the plane can fluctuate quite a bit during the flight. Outfits with a top and pants are best for nappy changes.

o   Enough formula of the entire trip plus two extra feeds for take-off and landing if needed.

o   If your baby is on solids pack premade foods that can be given at room temperature.

o   Dummy, blanket, favourite toy, favourite book, bibs and a wet flannel for clean-up.

o   Food and fluids and medicines may be over 100mls if traveling with a baby.


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