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Rainbow Families West of Sydney - Penrith Catch Ups

Come and join us!

A chance to group hang, exchange parenting journey anecdotes, and maybe have some avo smash and lattes. Meeting at the Orchard, under the section reserved for Rainbow Families. Dogs on leashes are welcome alongside the kidlets, partners and friends. If there’s a booking issue, just find a space and send a picture to the group page of where you are instead.

Should there ever be an issue with The Orchard, head across the road to Tench Reserve Playground and Parkland. 

Monthly meetups are held at: The Orchard, 44-50 Tench Ave, Jamisontown NSW 2750.

All events held: Sundays, from 2pm to 5pm.


Event dates and links

24 March:

21 April:

19 May:

23 June: West of Sydney catch up, Liverpool, Parramatta, Sydney etc invited. At Narragingy Reserve

21 July:

18 August:

22 September:

20 October:

17 November: EOY function, planned for Yo Loco