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Illawarra Rainbow Families Playgroup - 2023 Dates

The Illawarra Rainbow Families Playgroup is an informal catch up held at Berkely Park on the Lake on the first Sunday of each month from 11am to 2pm. It's a relaxed, friendly group where LGBTQ parents, carers, babies and children come together to have fun and spend some time together. 

We would love new members to attend and become part of our group!

For more information on the Illawarra Rainbow Families Playgroup you can turn up on the day, reach out to us via our Facebook page or email us at: [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you soon! :)

Time: 11am to 2pm

Location: Berkley Park on the Lake.

This event welcomes LGBTQ+ parents and their children including lesbian mums, gay dads, bi parents, queer parents and trans and gender diverse parents. We welcome families created through  donor insemination (known or unknown), surrogacy (altruistic or commercial), foster care, fostering to adoption, adoption (domestic or international), previous relationships, co-parenting or other means.


    Playgroup dates are: 

     May 7

     June 4

     July 2

     Aug 6

     Sept 3

     Oct 1

     Nov 5

     Dec 3.